Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Handy Oscar, Berkeley fix-it-man

Oscar Ramirez is all you can hope for in a fix-it man - friendly, honest, hard-working, and overwhelmingly handy. He may be the best handyman in the Berkeley.

Since my wife and I bought a house in West Berkeley, Oscar has repeatedly helped us with odd jobs. We started out with small things, but I have found that there’s really no job that is too complicated for Oscar. Here’s what he has done for us, in order:
  • replacing the faucet on the sink
  • installed a doggy door and re-hung the door too
  • hanging large white boards in my office
  • hanging a pot rack in my kitchen (he helped my wife with this for my birthday)
  • hauling away debris in his truck
  • putting in a slab of concrete, to house a new shed
  • replacing two windows with energy efficient ones
  • go to Home Depot and choose materials
  • restoring built in oak shelves, from unusable to gorgeous and stable

Oscar charges $30/hour, but I have literally had to insist he takes the full amount we agreed for the jobs. That's such a welcome contrast to every other handy man and contractor who quotes one rate and asks for more at the end.

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